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Program for The Body Holds the Score: Art, Music, and Movement as Means to Embodiment


1. Pick three songs from the playlist associated with the show (attached below).

2. Listen to one song on repeat for 15 minutes. Yes, 15 minutes straight. During this time, make one completely abstract piece associated with the song. You can use whatever drawing or painting materials available to you. Avoid creating a piece that looks like someone/ something/ some place. Instead, focus on line, shape, and color. Let the song itself guide your making. Loosen your body.

3. At the end of the 15 minutes, switch songs and papers. Repeat and repeat. If so desired, pick a song you love and complete this process a fourth time.. 

4. Examine the pieces you've made. How does the genre of the song affect the colors and shapes you made? 

I would love to see what you make! If you feel so inclined, email work made with this program to Please let me know if you give permission for work to be shown on this website.

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